Do I need therapy? Things don’t always go according to plan — relationships are complex and happiness fleeting. Our fear and pain tell us to withdraw and isolate. Acknowledging the pain and sharing the fears can be the first and most important step in making meaning from chaos, finding healing in relationships, and in being both known and loved. Many find therapy to be a vital element in this process, as it offers the support and perspective of an outsider to help bring clarity to your story as you navigate its twists and turns.

How can therapy help? It is necessary to acknowledge, from the start, that a person will get out of therapy what they are willing to put into it. A therapist cannot make a person change, but works to draw individuals to a place where change is within reach. If an individual, couple or family is committed to the therapeutic process lasting change really will occur. There are few things so profound as experiencing hope renewed.

Do you take insurance? Durham Counseling Services does not accept insurance. At the close of each session, however, clients are provided a receipt for services rendered, which clients may then submit to their insurance company in request of reimbursement.

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